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Geigel’s 8 Step Process

A Multi-step application process that ensures your property will have maximum beauty and protection. Applied by Geigel certified contractors. These contractors are specially trained and know how to prepare your properties surface before applying the coating. Our system is only available and applied by authorized Geigel contractors to insure the warranty offered. Listed below is what the process involves:






We completely inspect the outside walls of your home for deterioration and suspect areas.


Pressure Washing

Your entire property is pressure washed to remove dirt, stains, loose paint, foreign substrates, mold, mildew and algae. Once cleaned, areas in need of patching are revealed.

Repair and Patch

Deteriorated areas are patched with specially formulated patching and bonding materals to correct defects and create a sound and uniform surface area.



All doors, windows, landscaping and surface not to be coated are carefully covered to prevent overspray and provide the most professional-looking job possible.

Primer Applied

Our thick penetrating primer is applied to your property exterior.



Applied once the surfaceis coated, all trim areas are covered with a specially formulated, highly protective trim paint.

Finish Coat Applied

The Water-Shield Finish Coat is applied last. This finish chemically “fuses” itself to the primer for a second line of defense against the elements. Choose from our Heat Reflective Colors.


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Exterior Painting Services in Long Island, New York. Full services as needed. We repair or replace any damaged surfaces.