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Water Shield 3-in-1

No need to paint ever again!

Introducing Geigel’s Water Shield Ceramic Coating – The ultimate in elastomeric 100% Acrylic waterproof coating. Water Shield 3-in-1 Primer/Sealer/Finish!


Water Shield

3-in-1 Primer / Sealer / Coating

Water Shield – 15 Years Warranty
We provide 15 year Water Shield Warranty on all our work. You won’t have to paint again.
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We provide free in-home consultation.
Professional Grade Exterior Waterproof Paint
We use the highest quality paint to guarantee the best warranty in the business. We also provide the best prices!
Exterior Paint
Introducing Geigel Water-Shield Paint, Ceramic Coating, The Ultimate in Elastomeric 100% Acrylic Waterproof Coating.

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Ceramic Coating

The ultimate in elastomeric 100% acrylic waterproof coating

Water Shield 3-in-1 Primer/Sealer/Finish Can be applied on:
– Aged galvanized metal
– Bonded tar and gravel
– Wood
– Concrete
– Asphalt Shingles
– Polyurethane Foam
– Roof Tiles
– Hydrophobic flat & satin coating
– Guaranteed to stop water
– Eliminates leaks, moisture & blistering
Ultimate Product Advantages:
– Interior/Exterior
– Superior Flexibility
– Seals small cracks
– Resistant to wind driven rain
– Mold & mildew resistant
– Energy savings
– Water clean-up

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